Passed NCLEX-RN and started license process in Hawaii but will no longer move to Hawaii..?

  1. Hello fellow nurses. I have a question. I live in NY and was planning to move to Hawaii...I recently passed my RN Nclex and started the license process in Hawaii (didn't get my license yet) but I have decided not to move to Hawaii anymore. Is it possible for me to stop the process in Hawaii and see if I can get my license in NY without retaking the nclex... I would die if I have to take that test again ������
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  3. by   Wuzzie
    The test is a national test. You do not need to retake it. Just apply for a license in the state you plan to live.
  4. by   chare
    I am unsure whether you can withdraw your licensure application with the HI BON, as the reuslts have already been submitted to them for processing; this question is best directed to the HI BON. If you are unable to withdraw your HI application, once your HI license you should be anle to apply for licensure by endorsement with the NY BON.

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