1. Hi I am Jannelle , and Iam a third year student in Barbados
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    Nice to meet you. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    glad to see you, drop in often
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    Well your username pretty much sums up my own feelings. I am a student in NC, so I share your feelings.

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    Hi Mellisa,
    I've just got home from the 7- 3 shift ( which doesn't ever end at 3:00pm), and i have to prepare for a mock management exam, for 7:00 in the mornin, and i'm tired. But u kno how it is:chuckle , i will not finish my last year until october, so in the mean time i'm learnin drugs... till im dreamin them!!:smilecoffeeIlovecof
    anyhow, i'll pray 4 u u pray 4 me cuz we got 2 get thru it sumhow.later