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times new roman7black :chuckle hi there. i am or used to be an lvn who is trying to find ways to get back to work! i heard that in california all you need to do to activate license is... Read More

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    Quote from Fiona59
    If we haven't practiced in over five years, we have to take a refresher course and show competency to practice (in Canada). Let's you get current on new wound care procedures and familiar with the new meds being used, also brings you up to speed on any skills now required to practice.
    Hi there.

    There is a refresher school in Los Angeles, California that I have heard of!

    I suffer from a very bad memory and that is that only thing that is preventing me from going to work!

    I collect Social Security Disability Benefits and that is how I make my living!

    My husband Robert is a gardener but he only has odd jobs so out of my Social Security Disability Benefits that is how we support ourselves!

    But my husband Robert is nice we have nice friends also who invites us for lunch or take us out to dinner!

    And also I have a nice mother in law who invites us for lunch on Sundays!

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    nurse recently hired at my facility had not worked in 10 years..i don't know if she kept her license current or not but she did take a refresher course offered at at state hospital and she said that she felt that the course gave her a lot of self-confidence and it also was a plus when she was filling out an application\
    good luck on your return to work..we need you
    Hi there.

    Gee thanks for telling me that!

    I will remember that when it is time for me to go back to work after I get healed!

    Did you ever chat in the mIRC before!

    I used to go by the nick of Mama and so forth!

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    Hi there.

    If you want to get involve contact your local legislations per state due to wherever what state you live this might effect you!

    It should be a nation wide issue!

    But anyway please try to save California Governor after all he is such a great actor and might still be a great body builder!

    But no seriously folks this nurse staffing issue is such a great topic and also it should be considered as important issue due to if you are a nurse you might be either under staff or over staff which in either case is bad for a nurse!

    We need a challenging work and not just work for money!

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    California nurses make national TV buy to slam Schwarzenegger

    .c The Associated Press

    SACRAMENTO, California (AP) - Angry about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's hospital policies, the California Nurses Association ran national television ads during the biopic ``See Arnold Run,'' slamming the governor as a tool of monied interests.

    ``We're disgusted. We think he has turned the state Capitol into an animal house for corporate interests and we want to say the party's over,'' said Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of the 60,000-member CNA.

    The 60-second ads, produced at no cost by Hollywood documentary and film director Robert Greenwald, ran during Wednesday night's showing of the film on A&E Television in Washington, D.C., and New York, as well as 12 California cities.

    The ads feature a trio of California nurses criticizing the governor's decision to delay a law requiring more nurses per patient in California's hospitals.

    ``The one thing that the public should know is that one day you will be in that bed and realize that because of the number of patients one nurse has to take care of, you may be calling and there's nobody there,'' nurse Melita Dionisio-Temple says in the ad.

    The CNA said it will spend $100,000 (euro76,564) to also run the ad on CNN, Lifetime, TNT, Hallmark, Oxygen, FOX and Fox News.

    A call to the governor's Department of Health and Human Services was not immediately returned.

    02/03/05 02:12 EST

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    Nurses throughout USA get involve!

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    Hi there.

    Just copy and paste the home page and read the article and try to find out how you can benefit from it!