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  1. Greetings,
    I am new to the forum and stumbled upon this web site while looking for articles written in nursing journals about RN's with chronic pain that are working and using opiods to control the pain. This is my first time to join any type of posting group. I have been in nursing for over 25 years, enjoying my time at the bedside, educating both patients and peers and participating in department leadership at many different levels. I found myself with a chronic back problem that has led to treatment oxycontin. For me it gave me back my life. Instead of having pain in my head, blaring at me 24/7, it became more like background music. I have been on my maintenence dose for 5 years and am closely monitored by a pain specialist. I am not impaired in my ability to do my job as my body has adjusted to this drug. I am concerned that my employer may feel otherwise. Any help out there?? I appreciate any references or articles that you may be aware of or just chat........
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    Welcome. Good luck to you.

    Perhaps you might want to check with your state BON and just ask them, without getting too personal. It seems like I've read in some forums here that it's o.k. as long as you have a script and aren't impaired, and I've read other people post that they can not work while taking narcs, even with a script.