1. Hi. This is my first time here and don't know how to get around yet.
    There's lots of interresting things to read though.
    I'm in LPN school and we are going to be the first class that will have
    IV therapy certification in my school in Ohio. I was trying to find what
    the requirements are here and also in other states. Does anyone have
    any suggestions as to where I can find this info? I have to do a short
    report on anything that has to do with nursing and this is what I'd like
    to do it on.
    Any info. would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Thunderwolf

    good to see new faces (eh, new members).

    did you say lpn? we have a forum for lpn's:

    did you say iv therapy? here's that forum too:

    did you say ohio? well, here is ohio nurses forum:

    and if that wasn't enough, here is the list of all of our forums:

    wow, you got a great start here. offers only the best in forums. share these and other links with other new folks like yourself.

    great to have you on board.

    and thanks for registering as a new member at!

    in our forums, you will find all the nursing news, support and direction that you will need as a new or seasoned nurse in the field. we have about 150 forums in total. our list of different forums is located here:
    have a topic to discuss or question to ask? go the the list of forums, pick the forum that best matches, and post in there. you will get feedback. so, check back often.

    just a few bulletin board reminders for new members:

    again, to allnurses!!!!!

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  4. by   Jessy_RN
    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
  5. by   student4ever
    Welcome to Allnurses! There is a search function which will help you find threads on here related to topics you're interested in.

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