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  1. hey, i've been a nurse for 7 years and looking to further my education. I was looking for on onlineBSN class, anyone have any info about them?
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  3. by   fergus51
    I know one nurse on the bb is going through the University of Victoria (in British Columbia, Canada) and says there are Americans in the classes as well. With the exchange rate it's very affordable for Americans.
  4. by   Celia M
    I graduated in 1997 from the first on line class for the BSN provided by California State University Dominguez Hills. Several of my colleagues are enrolled now and are having a good experience. One of my colleagues is enrolled in th University of Phoenix online BSN and gives a good report too. I loved the on line classes, I would recommend it.
  5. by   wonderbee
    How difficult is the math component at U of P online?