One (not so) new kid on the block...

  1. Hello to all!

    After reading your posts and comments for a while, I've finally decided to join this respected community - with hopes to get a new experience and share mine...

    Let me introduce myself.

    I spent nearly three decades studying, teaching and working in the performing arts industry - before I've decided to "trade" my MM for an ADN ( too long to explain...). During my nursing career I worked different fields (telemetry, peds ER, STICU, adult med-surge), with the past three years as an SICU RN (duh!) And I love my job! ( or do I? )

    I/ I am...

    ...a "night owl" at work and an "early bird" in life ( which makes the latter a living hell),
    ...a "grouchy" workaholic ( 7pm-7:30am shift will do this to you), for my patients and their rights wholeheartedly, to the "point of no return" - literally... ,
    ...might be perceived by a stranger as an aggressive ( as a best form of defense!!), cinical, even obnoxious person ( and I always thought of "obnoxious" in reference to stimuli, stupid!), but friends describe me as "soft and fuzzy"... go figure!
    ... (oh, yeah, I use a lot of parenteces and "quotation marks" in my posts and comments - probably because I restrain myself from using them in my nursing notes...) have a sense of humor, sickened at times by a sh*tload of crap I have to deal with (aren't we all?)
    ...still "mentally intact" and aware of my sense of "self", even after all I've just said here...

    Of course, there is much more to the personality, than one can share in an introduction, but - enough for now.

    Questions or comments?

    Don't be shy!


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  3. by   madwife2002
    Welcome, I really dont think I can follow your thread you said it all lol
  4. by   webblarsk
    Hello and Welcome
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Welcome to All Nurses
  6. by   starlix21
    hi! just droppin by to say hello to evryone. like marie i`m also working in a night shift and new on the group and woul like to meet my co nurses too