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  1. My name is Kit, and I just graduated with my BSN in December. I originally started coming to this site when it was first online. I've never really posted, just lurked from time to time though.

    I'm a single mom with three kids; four, six and fifteen. I LOVE nursing and could never have picked a better career. I am just off my new grad orientation on an intermediate surgical care unit. It's a critical care floor with a pt assignment of 3 to 5 depending on acuity. It's more acute than step down, not quite the ICU. I thought I wanted to go straight into ICU, but this feels like the best of all worlds.

    I have to say sitting for the boards was awful. I honestly thought I failed, but was surprised to find out, thankfully, that I was wrong. That test is soooo archaic in so many ways. But I won't continue that rant.

    As a new grad / new nurse one of my big pushes, besides getting my feet under me and improving organization etc., is to explore leadership and research opportunities for new grads / nurses. Wondering what y'all think of that...

    Nice to meet y'all!
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