Okay, so I'm not technically in school to be a nurse yet...

  1. Hello, everyone. Well, I decided to join to maybe gets some advice from those who have been there. Yesterday was pretty much the deadline for me to decide what I want to go to college for, and I chose nursing. First, I would like to start by saying that nursing was never a dream of mine. I'm not one of those people who wanted to be a nurse/doctor from birth. But I think it would make a great career for me, and it does have a certain amount of job security. I know it is hard work, but I also know I can do it. I have decided to sign up to be an RN. Hmm, I wonder if I said that right. Anyway, you get the idea. I'm really afraid that, since I'm not one of those people whose life-long dream is to be a nurse...well, what if I'm not good at it? What if that means I wasn't meant to be one? Is there anyone else there who didn't plan to be a nurse? Thanks Y'all. Have a great day!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    You don't have to be a nurse. Student nurses and pre-nursing students are members and post frequently.

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    Hi and welcome to allnurses!!

    I'm a student too, there's great student forums here, lots of great info, advice and support!

    And don't feel bad if you haven't always felt like you wanted to be a nurse. A lot of people even go into nursing school after already having a degree in something else, as a second career choice. Not everyone has known they wanted to be a nurse from birth, and that's ok!
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    well some advice i would offer will be from personal experience. I too did not want to be a RN. I always knew from a little girl that I wanted to be in the medical field just did not know which way i wanted to go. when i graduate from HS I went to a four-year university for Pre-Med to become an Obstetrician, then i figured that wasnt for me b/c i wanted to do something more hands on, then i was interested in Diagnostic Medical Sonography went to a school for that, while there i read up on many careers in the medical career and foumd myself relocating to another state to a nursing school which i love its to be a R.N which i never imagined i would want to do but if u really look at it im goin to do everything i wanted to do as a R.N, Sonographers do ultrasound which i willl be doing and OB delivers babies in which when im done my degree in nursing im goin further to be a Certified nurse-Midwife. So you may not have wanted to do this from a child and you may change your mind along the way, thats just apart of life but in the end you will be happy with whatever you come out to be, b/c at least your trying to be something. Good Luck in all your endeavors
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    Hi Satin!!

    Girl, there are tons of us who are still drooling over getting into BSN school(I'm one of them!), so no worries!!

    Also, never thought of being a nurse until the last year or so. I'd wanted to be a vet all my life. People kept telling me I'd make a great nurse, but I really had no idea what nursing was about. It took my grandmother's stroke (although that had both negative and positive views of nursing in my eyes), and my dad's heart attack, hemmorhoid operation, and shattering of his leg to see that the nurses are really the backbone of the medical field and where I want to be. Now I'm ready to dig down deep and get dirty (uhh, let me rephrase that! see the nursing humor section ), but I have another year or so to go until I finish my BS in Psych, and then head off for accelerated BSN.

    So welcome to the All-Nursing family, and can't wait to see you around!!
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    I guess I didn't know how much I needed encouragement until I got it. Thanks to all those who posted and for the warm welcome.