OK my turn........

  1. ok I'll introduce myself........ I've been here a while and freely admit to being an allnurses addict........ for which there is no cure!

    I'm Karen and I am a Nurse practitioner working in general practice in London, England. I've been a nurse since I was 18, so a couple of years now. I am also a lecturer at south bank university and lead practice nurse for my local primary care trust (the brits will understand)

    my spelling has gone to pot since my addition started.. when are you lot going to learn how to spell things like colour properly??

    what else? oh I'm a keen fencer.. fence foil, epee and sabre so I am always covered in bruises.. which makes for a talking point with my patients!!

    thats me...........off to the cyber bar now......... the sun is over the yardarm here!!

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  3. by   nekhismom
    Hi Karen!

    Enjoy your posts. I'll see ya at the bar!
  4. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Dear karenG:

    You know what they say, if it weren't for the French, the Americans would be speaking English!!!

    As a fellow addict, I'm glad you're on the board--I'm a senior nursing student (emphasis on "senior" since it took me 45 years to get here!). This is a great place for everybody to mix in and talk. You may get shot down, but it is not because of being a student, or a particular age, or nationality, it is nearly always because somebody took something to heart.... And all in all, that's pretty rare, overall.

    What's a yardarm? I thought that was something nautical!
  5. by   manna
    Fencing, how fascinating! Seems like scary sport to me!

    I always like reading re-introductions and getting re-acquainted with regular members.