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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been a nursing student for a while now and have run into some trouble with the school I have been attending. I am one of many (15 out of 65 from one semester) who have come into a similar situation and I am looking for advice. Here is a snapshot of the problem. I have been accused of some false claims and dismissed from my nursing program 2 classes shy of my BSN degree. I would like to finish my degree however I can not find a school willing to accept one let alone 15 nursing classes. I am a single mom on public assistance and trying to work. I have very limited funds for anythign however I need to find some direction to finish so I can support my family. I wouldn't mind a progressive program if I must, but I can find no way to sit for even an LPN license let alone the NCLEX boards. Does anyone know of an online school or a school willing to take so many credits or a way to get moving in the right direction for some progress?

    Seeking advice
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  3. by   VIXEN007
    Get an attorney. There may be an ambulance chaser willing to take your case on a contingency. You may also have a Grievance Board that you can go to. I would do the GB first and atty second.