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  1. Hi my name is sabrina im in nursing school and have a long way to go.I have 4 kids and im going to be 30 years old october 30,and im not getting any younger ,so a little advice on staying focused and keeping my sanity.i would be so ever thankful. brinaa
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  3. by   emmy
    Hi Brinaa don't worry you'll be fine. I have three kids and turned 30 last year so I know how you feel :chuckle The student forum is really good for us students. If you're feeling really really stressed go to the nursing humour thread they are great, especially the gross stories.
  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Take it one day at a time. I finished my ADN at the ripe old age of 28, my BSN at 33, my MS (CRNA) at 37, and my DNSc (Doctor of Nursing Science at 48. I did those being married with 2 kids. Just concentrate on short-term goals when you are overwhelmed by the long-tern possiblities. Even though you are going to be 30 and have a ways to go- say another 3 years- if you didn't do this how much older will you be 3 years now anyway? 33, so it's better to be 33 with an RN than 33 without an RN
  5. by   brinaa
    Thank you so much for your advice,it is really helpfull sometimes i just dont feel smart enough to go into such a demanding career.I no the old saying(you can do anything you put your mind to) but ive been out of school for a long time and im just not sure if i have what it takes.feel free anyone to respond to my thread i take the good and the bad with a .please pray for me brina
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    thank you so much for you support it really means the world to me that people care out there ,ive been out of school for a long time do you think that you have to be really smart to go into not sure if i can hack it i no the old saying(you can do anything you put your mind up to)but sometime i dont know.
  7. by   nekhismom
    NO good advice here, except hang in there, and come here as often as you like to vent, get support, ask for help or anything else you can think of! Welcome!
  8. by   emmy
    Hey Brinaa
    I think you'll find that you are the rule rather than the exception at nursing school. The proportion of people doing nursing who haven't studied recently and who are not straight out of high school is very high so what you are feeling is the same that nearly everyone else is.
    I remember my first few weeks, I felt exhausted etc and I remember saying to someone how fed up I was and she was like "that's exactly how I'm feeling, I was thinking of quitting". It does get better as you get into a routine.
    It is hard but it's worth it if it's what you really want to do.
    Good Luck, you're not alone