Nursing image and nursing shortage

  1. Hi,
    I graduated in 1971 from a three year diploma program (last class D/T 4 year degree push) and have worked in my chosen profession since then. For the last 22 years, I have been in Home care. In May of 2003, I began a RN to BSN program -finally the stars were all aligned!!!! This has been a great program and has validated what knowledge I have gained over the years.
    Currently, I am in the middle of a project for this course on Nursing image and the nursing shortage. Because of my home care focus, I am out of sync with other specialties. I would appreciate any feedback you have concerning:
    1. the push to have all nurses degreed
    2. articles that state nurses are not easily identified
    by both their dress and behaviior ie. clean up after MD's,
    appear to defer to MD's-ie. "I have to ask the doctor-
    instead of "I will consult with the doctor"
    3. do you feel your nursing management effectively deals
    with issues that concern their staff-for example-I was talking
    to a nurse who was teaching a patient about diabetes and
    the physican who was an Indian (not an American
    indian) went ballistic on her and yelled at her in front of
    other staff that she could not do that-nothing was said
    to this physician.
    4. Do you think that if the nursing shortage (if you think
    there is one) continues-will nursing continue to be devalued
    and nursing tasks will be assingned to non-nursing staff?
    5. What do you say to people who express an interest in
    nursing and do you recommend a degreed program?
    I realize this is lengthy. I appreciate any feedback you are willing to give.
    Thanking you in advance.
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    1. I hope that the physician who was completely out of line was written up by the nurse. Perhaps nothing was done but it did require documentation for the outburst.

    2. Will they be able to get all nurses in thenear future? I doubt it. They have been trying for years, and has it really changed?

    3. I think that some things can be done by unlicensed personnel, but will they be able to take the place of a nurse? No..................

    4. Nurses are usually easily identified. It is when someone calls themselves a nurse but they are not that causes problems for all, e.g. some assistants working in physician's offices.

    Hope that this helps. Good luck with your paper.......