Nurse Recognition Ideas for 2005

  1. Hello there everyone. This is my first posting. I've been researching on the internet for ideas of what Nurses would want for Nurse Apprciation Week this year. Yes, I know it's unheard of to try and plan this far in advance. I've had to keep myself busy lately and so I thought I would make myself useful. Luckily in my search I came across this website and will be using it often.

    Well I've come across millions of promotional sites offering millions of imprinted things. Is it possible that there's something out there that would be well received, nice, and not cheap but also not outrageously expensive (due to budgets) that nurses would welcome? I'm convinced we should definitely have a meal (lunch or dinner) served to the Nurses but is there some nice little gift that would say Thank You?

    Any help, suggestions, definite items to stay away from, or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    My first post and I'm going to talk about M&Ms
    I also had to come up with an inexpensive item to give to each nurse on our floor. So, I came up with M&Ms. On each bag of M&Ms, I attached the following:

    Yellow: For the rays of sunshine you bring into your patients rooms
    Green: For those days you earned EVERY dollar
    Brown: For those stinkier moments
    Blue: For the tears you've wiped from cheeks in times of sadness
    Red: For all those fevers you helped reduce
    Orange: Orange you glad to relax on your day off!

    They loved them! And, it wasn't that expensive either. I hope I have helped