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  1. Hi there, I've been on AllNurses.com for a while, but just took a new role as the Surgical Clinical Reviewr for the NSQIP program at my hospital. I'm hoping to find other NSQIP Nurses who are on the site so we can share ideas.

    FYI...NSQIP is an American College of Suregons Quality Improvement Program that aims at measuring and improving surgical patients' outcomes. It's a very robust QI program, but what makes it different from Core Measures and other similar QI programs, is that with NSQIP, we're measuring OUTCOMES, rather than process. Said another way, NSQIP follows patients 30-days post-op to find out how well they are doing after their surgery... not just in the acute care setting. NSQIP also gathers over 140 data points - compared to about 26 for VTE, so you might imagine how excited the surgeons are at my hospital at finding out just wat the data say! (infact, anesthesiology has gotten wind of the program, and are dying to get involved (yikes!))

    Because our hospital is just launching this program, I'm hoping to find the others NSQIP out there, so we can share best practices of gathering and distributing our data.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    I have been working with Nsqip since 2005, it is a great program. I find my surgical experience critical. The support you get from the college is minimal. You will not have data for about a year. I would suggest to get automatec as soon as possible.
  4. by   GonnaBSN
    Yep! working on getting automated asap - but IT has a major overhaul to our EMR they are working on with a end date of Aug 2013 - so it's mostly by hand for now. Thanks for reaching out! PM me if you don't mind sharing your contact info!
  5. by   littleornurse
    Can you share any advice on implementing the project in a hospital? Were you involved in the early aspects of it?

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