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  1. I now know why it's often called "a calling" to become a nurse. I have turned away from this "calling" for 40 years since grammar school when asked what I wanted for a career when I grew up i replied pediatric nurse. Life got in the way and I turned 52 but the calling never left! I started when my kids were little but didn't finish and the credits I earned are no longer are valid. I know I am more qualified to be a great nurse now than when I was kids are almost grown, I'm no longer neurotic and I have a strong desire to give back. If I start in September I'll be 55 years young when I finish! I'm healthy and young spitited but now in this more competitive market will I get hired? I am interested in Hospice care and or hospital? I am getting report that LPNs get worked to death in LTC. Any thought? Thank you....
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    The economy is still rough for nurses. Being a new grad is a hard road. That said, you will be 55 in a few years either way, so go for it.

    Perhaps the economy will be improved when you finish.
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    Two of my classmates were in their 60s.. this was LPN school 2008.. One graduated and one didn't.. but the one that did said she owed this to herself and she made her dream come true ! Yes you do get worked pretty hard in LTC and it doesn't matter the shift i did nights, days, weekends only.. I got out.. I love hospice nursing and home health isn't all that bad