Not sure where to start for RN

  1. Hi, my name is Susan and I am actually hopelessly addicted to the idea of becoming the worlds best lactation consultant. Ok ok well at least a really good LC. I have taken a few courses but it seems in order to get to the mothers and infants that really need the help I would need to be in a hospital setting. I want the tough cases like the babies w/ cleft palates and the moms needing to relactate and the such. It would almost seem that the NICU would be a great place to be but I am told that most hospitals require you to be a nurse before they can hire you on as an LC soooo that leaves me wondering where to start. If I should go ahead and become a nurse or just keep plugging and hope for the best. If I do decide to become an urse I am then I am torn between NICU and obstetrics (though not sure I can handle watching doctors use uneccessary interventions on laboring women). With this in mind though...where do I start? I have a BS degree but it is a theology degree nothing medical about it. Do I start with a technical school? Are there grants out there? We barely make mortgage every month. Do I just try and get a BS in nursing? Where do I start? Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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