Not exactly a nurse, but...

  1. I`m not exactly a nurse, but I`m going to lurk around here a bit... :chuckle

    I am currently a part-time volunteer at our local (If an hour away counts!) level IV NICU. I help with feedings, tube checks, and other simple tasks when I am there and things are busy. Mostly though, I am a counselor and support "example" for parents. My son was born at 14 oz, and somehow managed to come through the experience with few problems.
    I was never traumatized by any of the NICU happenings, and in fact was fascinated by all of it. I am currently taking "night" nursing classes, and hope to be able to actually reach real nursing by the time my son is in school.
    I hope to learn from all of you real nurses out there!
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  3. by   Ted
    Hello and Welcome! There is a forum dealing with NICU issues on this bulletin board. Enjoy "lurking" around. And when you're ready, feel free to share! It would be most interesting to read your experiences.

  4. by   RainDreamer
    Hi and welcome to allnurses!!

    I think that's great how you said you volunteer at the NICU, you can probably really help those parents, especially knowing first hand what they're going through. I'm in my last semester of nursing school and start my preceptorship in the NICU in a couple of weeks, I'm so excited. I hope to be able to get into that area after I graduate.

    Again, welcome
  5. by   Nyoro
    Thank you for the welcome!
    One big thing I noticed when when my son was in the NICU was the lack of stimulation he received - For obvious reasons of course! Playing with a baby falls way below caring for the really sick ones. Many parents live quite a distance from the hospital, so they can`t always come all that often. I end up holding, snuggling, massaging, and feeding the older babies. Really mostly just keeping them from crying so that the real nurses can focus on the more important tasks (And can actually HEAR those alarms going off!)
    For the tiniest babies, well, my son is the smallest survivor to date at that hospital, so I at least give them some hope.
    I`m only there a few days a week, 2 in the NICU, and one with my son in the counseling room, but I at least feel like I`m giving something back.
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    Welcome! Nice to meet you!
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    :hatparty: Welcome aboard!
    I think what you're doing is wonderful!
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    I'm also new here too , it's great to hear what u've been doing . I'm a nurse working in NICU , I do agree that most of these babies do lack stimulation .

    We don't encourage too much of stimulation and handling as some of these babies are so sick that they can't even handle their own movement . Parents are often very overwhelmed when they first saw their babies as they are so tiny and pathetic . They always wonder will my baby survive ? It's good that u offer counselling service especially u have previous experience of having a premature baby .

    Tell me more about your future , will you eventually become a nurse and some of the experience u encounter working as a volunteer there in NICU
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    HI nyro I volunteer at a a hosp by in the ER and I admit patient and discharge them and now i am starting my pre-req's this May. So welcome and good luck
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    Hello and Welcome!