Not a nurse but want to be here now.

  1. I came to this site to fill out a life expectency test. Never found the test but I found you so why not stay! I have the utmost respect for nurses. Doctors just stay for a short time with you while the nurse cares and remains on duty 24-7 and that says a lot I would say! I will mostly monitor this site and perhaps add questions. Long life runs on my father's side of the family but mom's side all died of heart failure at a young age. I want to hedge against those odds in favor of my father's side so I live a fairly healthy life but want to be even more healthy. I do not get colds or am sick at all. Have some stiffness here and there but I am working out at rehab center where I did my knee replacement after work. I am retired and have time to be healthy and I will be 66 this month. Looking forward to learning something here.
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    Nice to meet you. Thanks for taking time out to introduce yourself. Welcome to Allnurses!