Newly Stressed!!!

  1. hello all,

    this site appeared to be a great resource for me as a nursing student, so here i am. i am in the beginning stages of my rn nursing education, but i currently work fulltime as an lpn on the weekends. with fulltime classes during the week and working on the weekends, i barely have time to eat, sleep, or spend time with my family because every extra waking moment is spent studying. i think i may have put a bit too much on my plate, but quitting school now is out of the question.
    i am 42 (43 next month) and decided to finally get a college degree after being out of school for over 20 years. working for the past 15 years as an lpn and loving my job, i decided i wanted to further my career and become a nurse practitioner. at first, i thought i was too old to be considering going back to college, but i am glad i did. the community college proved to be a great starting point for me. the smaller classes and personal attention from instructors enabled me to ease into college life without a lot of stress. after graduating this may, i transferred to a local university this fall and applied for nursing school this month.
    now, i'm stressed!
    i never considered the fact that i would not get into nursing school. i studied really hard to maintain a high gpa thinking i would increase my chances with a 3.92 average. unfortunately, i've learned that all candidates have an equal chance as long as your gpa is at least 2.6. there are well over 150+ applicants for only approx. 65 nursing students' spots. to find out that applicants may have to be randomly selected like a lotto, isn't looking all that great for me. i never win at lotto. but whether i'm selected for the spring or not, i plan on hanging in there until i am chosen. i'll just take some spanish courses which could prove useful in my medical career.
    glad to be a part of this new community and good luck to all the nursing students out there.:wink2:
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you! Hang in there.
  4. by   ladycigar
    Thanks Tweety! I plan to.