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  1. greetings everyone ~

    i've been in nursing for 30 years now. started as a nurses aide in my teens. got my lvn, then eventually the respected rn. it's always baffled me ; why when people ask you what you do, and when you say i'm a nurse, they immediately ask an rn? i still feel that at any level of education, when you provide care for patients, you are a nurse! higher education is a must, but we can all help eachother up that ladder. there are some nurses out there that love to eat other nurses alive. i've encountered far to many. when the angel nurse takes you under wing and teaches you everything they know, you are blessed. that has always been my approach to new nurses.

    i am just finishing the 1st of a 4 year program in oriental medicine. i can't begin to explain the vast understanding i have already gained except to say that it has already enhanced the way i assess my patients. i plan to do research in my hospital after graduation. i am pleased to say that some of the doctors are excited and want to help. a brave new world lays before us!

    i look forward to hearing from everyone. debbie ( esotericlady )
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Welcome Debbie!!! The Oriental medicine sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about it from you in the future!