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  1. Hi there i'm joseph. i'm currently employed at Dubai police ambulance department. the nature of our job is basically that of rescue 119. our cases ranges from minor to the most severe trauma you can think of. usually this cases arises from vehicular accidents. people like fast cars here. lamborghini,ferarri,porche and even koenigsegg are a common sight here. I tell you airbags are nothing if you crash at a speed almost 300km/hr and once we reach the scene all we have to do is to reunite the drivers body parts. when it comes medical cases, would you believe even people w/ toothache call the ambulance, but thre are worst cases like cardiac arrest and we are capable of reviving them if we got threre in time and the damage is not that extensive. survival rate? less than 1%. to be a ambulance/paramedic nurse you must not crack underpressure bec once you panic you will basically forget what you are going to do, and the only thing that you remember is you know you can do something but forgot how to do it and that means your basically USELESS! so much for the intro..till nxtym....
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