1. Hi there fellow nurse colleagues. I have been an RN for 16 yrs., have been injured and not working for 3 yrs. next month, battling depression because I miss nursing so badly so I thought I'd join here and possibly find someone else that can relate with my situation and stay in some sort of "loop" since I'm not connected any longer with the nursing community. My experience has been mainly in home health and infusion. I've been searching for a new nursing avenue that I'd be able to work with my sacral back injury that happened "on the job", and have been interested in possibly pursuing CDE, MSN in education field, Picc Line insertion, just to name a few. Any suggestions would be really appreciated and also if anyone knows "anything" about any treatments for "slipping and flying about 5 feet in the air and landing flat on the buttocks on concrete....The local Drs. here are clueless....Please send any suggestions my way....that's it in a nutshell. Thanks, Grammel
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    I'm sorry for your pain...Welcome.