Newby here to post but have read the site for about 6 mo.

  1. Hello Hello,

    Gosh I think this is such a wealth of information and wonderful place for any stage in the Nursing Field. I am so glad I stumbled upon it! I have read this site and kept up for about 6 mo. but just finally decided to join. I am changing careers and look forward to becoming a nurse. I am working on the 3 science courses and then I can apply At least now I can finally post:wink2:

    Great to be here with such a neat crowd!

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  3. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    From one person hooked on this site to another, welcome aboard!
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome. I'm glad you finally decided to join up.
  5. by   RGN1
    :groupwelcome: you'll spend many an hour on here when you really should be doing something I should be hanging out my washing because the machine finished ages ago but somehow I just have to look at the recent posts instead!:chuckle
  6. by   chelli73
    Welcome to!!!! Yes, you will be stuck on this site once you get here! My kids are even making comments lately, "There she goes, chatting with real nurses!!" Teenage brats!!!!!
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome!
  8. by   suebird3
    Welcome to allnurses! Nice to have you with us.