1. Hi, my name is Mandi. I have been a CNA since 1996. I finished my prerequisites for and LPN program last semester. I am currently finishing a few of my RN prereq's.

    I took the NET on friday. I will get my results late next week. I am hoping to be accepted into the LPN program this fall. My area does not have an RN program yet.

    I've looked over this site, and it seems like a great place filled with a plethora of information.

    Thanks for being here!

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  3. by   scrubs70
    Welcome to allnurses Mandi
  4. by   Tx-top nurse
    Mandi good luck on getting into the program, and welcome to the family!
    I truely believe we learn from eachother here and the lessons are worth the time and peace of mind... welcome!!