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  1. I am a 35 yr. experienced RN who has worked in almost every area of nursing. I avoided pediatrics since a crying nurse is ineffective. I like to mentor and will be willing to assist new nurses to this wonderful field y advice through hard learned experience. I have worked OB/NICU, MedSurg, rural hospitals where you did "everything", corrections(prison), Nursing Homes, Psych(inpatient, clinic and residential facility), Medicare Home Health and finally Case Management for Medicaid Waiver programs for disabled and elderly. My OR experience is limited to C-Sections. I am recovered from a severe on the job injury enough to work a part time desk job. I have been in many interesting and even frightening work places. I could write a book.
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    Welcome and share that wealth of knowledge, especialy re Wavier case management in our Home Health Nursing forum.
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    Welcome to allnurses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome and Hello!
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    Welcome to the boards!! lots of fun and exciting nurse stuff here. I'm jen, a baby nurse ( 2 years in the ER)
    xo Jen
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    this is a wonderful forum for young nurses to learn from the "elders". read some of the forums goig on about poor patient care and advocacy by nurses....some of them are already scared into silence--Yikes! Always treat the patient like it was your Mom or Dad and you will never go wrong. You may be looking for a new job the next day but do you really want to work at a place that is less than ethical or kind? Do no harm. Read about Florence N. and see what she had to go through to get good patient care for the soldiers. It won't be easy but I have never regretted one minute of my nursing life because the look in the eyes of relief from pain or fear in your patients will make it worth it all. The many times someone told me "Thanks for the help" has made it all worth it. Just remember what ever you do will come back to you. Thank you all for the Welcome!
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    Welcome to All Nurses