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  1. Good evening. My name is Lynn. I live in Southeastern Ohio. I have been a nurse for more than 22 years. I have two grown daughters, 2 grandsons, 3 step-sons, 1 daughter-in-law and one wonderful husband!
    My nursing interest is gastroenterology. My latest endeavor has been working with computers. I think the patient should always come first. Too me the best way for the patient to come first, is to provide nurses with all available tools to perform their job!
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Welcome to allnurses!!!!
    To give you a start, check out some of our forums, such as General Nursing Discussion, General Nursing Polls, LPN Corner, Nursing Humor, General Nursing Student Discussion, Male Nursing Forum, and all the other specific discussion forums broken down into specialties....just to name a few.
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    Welcome! I live in Southeastern Ohio also. It's great to have you at allnurses.
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    Welcome to allnurses! :hatparty: