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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Sherry and I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been an LPN for 7 years. I currently work for a MCO (managed care orginization). I am persuing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I have 3 children (all boys!!) and 2 Labrador Retrievers that keep me very busy. I have surfed through the forums and decided to go ahead and register. There are some very interesting topics here and I hope to learn alot.
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  3. by   purplemania
    Welcome! Do you plan to stay in nursing after you graduate?
  4. by   MCO Nurse
    Absoultely. The managed care enviroment offers many opportunities for people with clinical and a business background. Unfortunately managed care is also severely affected by the "nursing shortage" and is also in need of skilled associates with cross training.

  5. by   Tweety
    Welcome! I'm sure there's a lot to be learned from you have to share.
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi Sherry! Welcome to All Nurses! I am SURE you will learn a lot here.