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  1. [color=gray] greetings from the deep south! i am a registered nurse of 20 years with a variety of experiences in nursing care most recently in home health, hospice, and long-term care in skilled nursing facilities.
    i am hopefully going to be gainfully employed again soon in hospice again as it is my first love in the realm of nursing choices.
    have been out with medical and emotional difficulties since december.
    would love to hear from any of you and i am just grateful that i discovered this site!
    it is wonderful and i've been reading it for several weeks now before i finally signed on to hopefully appear in print! not a computer geek, the skill i continue to learn as i discover new and wonderful things a computer is capable of.
    just want to let you know how warm and fuzzy i have found this site to be.
    i feel blessed and loved knowing the community of nurses is gathering 'round to support each other in whatever capacity we can. it's a welcome change from some of the associates i have had the misfortune to work with in the past. as we all find out sooner or later in the world of employment, which is, of course, not limited to nursing.
    :wink2: thank you, again, for this experience. i hope that i will continue to have this opportunity to be lucky enough to revisit often and laugh with you, share stories and knowledge with you, and to be nurses and friends online.
    thanks from one of the gang....
    it feels great to be here!!!
    much affection!

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome aboard. We are glad you're here.
  4. by   Tweety
    Nice to meet you. Welcome!