New to wound care and need help.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been with my facility for six years, starting out as a CNA and now a RN, but just recently taking over the TX Nurse position. I don't know how many beds are to the facility, just that we have six floors with two floors as long term, one floor dementia and hospice and three skilled, and I am the only TX Nurse. I am not complaining, I love my new position and I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I am having problems with organization and how to schedule my day. I go in at 7am and most often don't leave until after 7pm.
    I am in charge of all new admission skin assessments, wound care, weekly and monthly reports, weekly skin assessments and looking into all nursing concerns that are left on my message board, which most is a waste of my time, but I have to check out anyway, (such as a bruise on Mr. Jones arm, or a penis that is large and swollen, honest, that was left on my board, it turns out that was just how he was built!).
    I am constantly butting heads with a MDS Nurse who thinks I should stage all wounds as Stage II's, even if it is an open wound from a scratch.
    I guess what I am asking is for anyone that is a TX Nurse how do you do it? I go in looking at my messages and after resolving the issues at hand, I start my TX's and try to end up doing my paper work for the day, I also have to prepare for three meetings a month (which I do on my weekends off, because I can't do it during the week). I would love to have an assistent, doesn't have to be another nurse, just someone to help me with the weekly assessment and helping out with the treatments so that everything can get done in a timely manner. How do you do it?
    Thank you for any help you can give.
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    Hello and Welcome! Try the wound nurses area, it might be of more assistance!