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    Through the recommendation of a friend and collegue, here I am. I am a nurse in BC and I have been practicing since 2000. I have spent my time in medicine. I am currently on what is called a Short Stay Medical Unit. In February I will be taking the ICU nursing program, provided a seat is available and I am very excited about it.

    I am a 40ish woman, who returned to school when my husband decided the rules of marriage were far too stringent for him. With 2 little girls, divorce papers and terrified, I decided to follow a lifelong desire to become an RN. Isn't it funny how what we think is the worst possible moment in our life can lead us to our dreams? I am so pleased, in spite of shortstaffing and hospital politics, to be a nurse. My kids are incredibly proud of me too. I wouldn't change the journey for anything.

    Love to hear from others.
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    Glad you followed the recommendation to connect. You'll find a lot here. Review the forums and posts. Post your own yourself. You'll have lots of support.
    Welcome to allnurses!!!!!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Welcome and nice to meetcha!

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    Hello and welcome to allnurses!