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  1. I am definitely not a new nurse, but I am new to this sight. Came across it by accident. I have worked in many areas of nursing in my 19 year career, all with the same Health System. That is one of the things I have truly loved about nursing, the ability to change and experience different aspects of care. I started as a new grad on midnights on a med/surg unit, transitioned to a medical stepdown unit, from there worked for a short time in oral surgery clinic, then a pool rn floating between several inpatient and outpatient areas. I then took a staff nurse position on a busy surgical/orthopedic unit and for a short time tried entry level management as a coordinator/charge nurse and found out quickly that wasn't for me I disliked the feeling of being stuck between administration and staff and I missed the bedside patient care. I once again have changed courses and am currently working in PACU. I can't believe it when I read some of the messages in the PACU forum that stated they only received 2-3 weeks of orientation my hospital provided me with 4mths of orientation before I was taking care of patients in the PACU on my own. Even now though I never feel alone as we all really work in a group another nurse is never far away to ask questions or get assistance from it truly is a team effort between the nurses, aides , and anesthesiologists I work with. So far I really enjoy it and am also again enjoying learning new things everyday. That is another great thing about our jobs. Have a great night. :spin:
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    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Welcome to Allnurses!
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