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  1. Hi, just doin what the instructions said!! Hello fellow nurses! Just was looking for info on CV gtts, and found ya'll, and somebody was asking about Epi gtts, just up my alley! I have been in the field for 16 years, have been in ICU for 5 and now am in the CVRR, need a little help re: several gtts I have not used--any body know of any sites that are easy to use to explain to me (i guess i am a dummy after all these years) the hows and whys??? We use, Epi, Precidex, Primacor, Vasopressin, and also push Diprivan, Apressiline, Ntg, Neo, and Epi. All "big gun" drugs that I am not used to either--The ICU I came from never used Vit. D (diprivan) and now I am told to PUSH it (the same hospital by the way). Any input will help me out, maybe I should go back to the ICU where I am comfortable and smart? Or I think I am, hehehe!
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    Welcome to the site! You definitely want to check out our Critical Care Forums. On the gray toolbar at the top of each page, click on Forums, then Critical Care Nursing Forums. The CCU Forum in particular has a lot of links and resources that might help you. Good luck!
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    Also try the Cardiac Forum at: .
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