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  1. Hello all, My name is Christine and as the title reveals, I am new to this site and doing the "meet and greet". I am an lvn in sandy eggo and working in the vascular access specialty at a large hospital. I am married with one child and currently doing my pre-reqs for the lvn to rn program at community college. I joined this IV team right out of lvn school so my experience as a nurse has been quite limited. I really love this specialty and don't have any intentions towards floor nursing but I am planning to move to Tucson in a year or so. I am wondering if anyone knows of IV or PICC teams in that area. If not, does anyone know if hospitals in this area hire lvns/lpns or will I be restricted to long-term care facilities? I would like to thank all that respond in advance. I appreciate any information and all comments are welcome.
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