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  1. Hello to all my nursing friends! My name is Kenny, I am a RN in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been practicing as an RN for 2 1/2 years, recently obtaining a position I truly love.

    I work in an outpatient HIV/AIDS clinic (University Hospitals of Cleveland), we see just over 1,000 patients; the largest outpatient HIV clinic in Ohio. Our patients come from a wide and diverse group, all treated with the utmost respect and care.

    I am a gay male who happens to be a nurse, and my partner of 7 years is a psychotherapist. We are currently in the adoption process and truly looking forward to starting a family of our own. Our first choice would be to adopt an HIV + child or infant, although any child needing a loving and caring home would be great!

    Just a little about myself; hope to hear from some of my colleagues in the near future!

    Kenny B

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    Welcome to allnurses Kenny. I hope to see you around the forum.