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  1. Hello and Happy New Year!
    I have been a nurse for 10 years (wow, can it be that long?!), having first been an EMT for 5 years prior to that. For those who are in school now, hang in there! If I can do it, so can you! When I went for my RN, I was working night shift in the ER and had 3 elementary school aged kids, plus a husband and several volunteer commitments. (I musta been nuts!):blushkiss Even though it was pretty hectic back then, I'm glad I did it. I can't imagine NOT being a nurse!

    Since graduation, I have worked in telemetry, OB/Well-baby, as a government paper pusher, as an advocate for disability independence and very recently began working for a Hospice agency.

    I'm glad to have this forum and hope to learn a lot from all of you.
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    welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and best wishes to you!