New to the board and soon to be new to atlanta, ga!

  1. Hi all, I am 26 years old,single parent of a three year old, I have a BSN, and I have been nursing in the ER for 4yrs now. I will soon be relocating to the Atlanta area and was wandering if any one could give me some insight on good facilities to work (I want to stay in the ER), as well as some good areas to live. All advise will be greatly appreciated!
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    I no longer live in the Atlanta area... but in Ohio. I lived in Acworth, Georgia for a while, and loved it. It is 25 miles north of Atlanta, and Lake Allatoona is right there. I lived in a small subdivision called LAKEPOINTE. Housing was realtively inexpensive and the cost of living was not to bad either. Great school system for the kids, and a great place to raise the kids. I worked at Children's of Atlanta. The pay was phenomenal, and they treat the employees like gold. Excellent benefits also. If you would rather not work with children, I heard that WellStar Kennestone was a great place to work. Grady Hospital is one to stay away from is what I have heard, but I have also heard that they have the best trauma center around the Atlanta area. Also, nursing home wise, I do not know much about them, except stay away from the Brian Center in Canton. Bad news... your license is worth more than that! I worked there for 3 days, and never went back. It was atrocious!
    Goodluck in your search. If I could go back to Georgia, in that same area, I would do it in a heartbeat. I miss it alot!
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