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  1. Hi there! Brand new to the site. Will be graduating in less than 6 weeks! Taking my RN Boards this summer. Will also be starting work, full time in Med/Surg at my local hospital. Very excited and nervous. What can I expect from preceptership?--both in the end of my school program and as an orientee at my new job? Are precepters, as a rule, encouraging and patient?

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    welcome to the site!
    I just finished my preceptorship a couple of weeks ago, and the preceptor that i had was wonderful. He was very patient and taught me alot, through the preceptorship I was able to finally get a sense of what a nurse's role was (unfortunally, I felt that clinicals did not help much) and I got a sense of what is expected of me once I get a job at a hospital.
    I hope that you have a positive and pleasant experience and good luck.