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  1. Hello everyone I jsut wanted to say Hello and say I really love this site it is terrific. I am currently waiting to hear back from a school I applyed for. Hopefully they will pick me, so I can begin my career in nursing. I have been in the medical field since 98 and I love everything about it. I just did not know what area I should speacialize in and now I know I want to be an LPN. I work in a hospital assisting a therapist and I have observed the LPN's role and talk to other LPN's that love what they do. I want to give good bedside care and work side by side other nurses and doctors.

    I have a few questions to ask, I want to see if anyone has experienced this. How come when I tell everyone I want to be and LPN they always say why waste your time go straight to the RN program. Why do they make the lpn's contribution not important? When they say this I feel compelled to lie and say yeah I am going to go into the RN program next. The truth is for now I will be very satisfied being an LPN, but I just don't feel I can say that, because they all look at you as if you are stupid for not going to be an RN. Can anyone relate?
    2nd question are there any online schools where youcan do book work on line and arrange to do clinicals locally?

    Hope to hear from someone,thanks
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    You probably face what RN's sometimes face in why a RN and not med school. Hey, don't sweat it. Being an RN, I've had the great pleasure in working with many talented LPNs. Some were role models. Again, don't let it bother you or be ashamed by your choice.