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  1. Just starting out on this site. I am a registered nurse with 24 years experience in hospital. Currently nights on medical oncology floor. I am quite sick of hospital nursing and have drastically reduced my hours to just every other weekend. I am going to do inpatient hospice per diem. Also looking into pharmaceutical research position opening up in New Haven, CT. That is per diem as well. I am finding this hard as if I leave the hospital setting now that is it. I won't be back, ever. I have worked hard over the years, worked in different types of med/surg including ortho, neuro, gyn surgery, general medicine, general surgery and now oncology. I am chemo certified as well as BLS and ACLS certified. I am just too tired to keep going with all the nonsense. I have never seen nursing so ridiculous; unbelievable paperwork demands, no time for patient care, frustrated families and patients, frustrated nurses and managers who only care if you forget to dot one i and or cross one t! Any advice out there?
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    I've heard so many nurses express their frustrations like this, I'm sorry I have no advice. I hope everything works out so you can find something that makes you happier in your job.

    And welcome to allnurses!!
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    Welcome to All Nurses