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  1. hello everyone, i've been a travel radiology tech for the past 5 years and I ended up in beautiful San Franciso. I'm originally from the Houston/Austin area, but decided to get into nursing at UCSF. I was chosen for an interview next month and I'm just curious about the questions they will ask. It's MEPN program for the Acute Care NP. Anyone have any advice? Anyways, I've traveled from east coast to west including Hawaii and it's kind of nice staying in one place for awhile. Hope to chat soon. Adios!
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    Welcome to the site and have a Happy Holiday..................

    Good luck with your interview.............
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    Hello and welcome! Merry Christmas!
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    hello and welcome to the all nurses family!
    hope you have a wonderful time here with us!

    merry christmas and happy new year 2005

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