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  1. Hello To Everyone Just Stopping In To Say Hello I'm An Lpn Been One For 10 Years Also Married With Four Children Proud To Be A Nurse And Wanting To Go Further
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    Hi there, I just posted after you and am new to the boards also. I see you are an Lpn and want to go further. I also was an Lvn ( we go by licensed vocational nurse her in Texas) and then went back and got my RN in 1999. I enjoy working in home health and am glad I went back. Best of luck to you when you decide to go on but I am sure you have your hands full with four children right now. My daughter was in high school and my son in elementary when I went back. I just took a couple of classes per semester to get my prerequesites so it wasn't too bad but when you get into the actual Rn program it gets a little tougher. I did an lvn to rn transitional program, so once I had my prereqs out of the way it was only 3 semesters in the ADN program. Best of luck to you!
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    Welcome to both of you to All Nurses!
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    hello & welcome!!!! =)
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    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. Welcome to Allnurses!