New to here, NYC and hopefully nursing!!!

  1. Hi all! I recently moved to NY (live in Brooklyn) to do a year long service for AmeriCorps. I graduated with a BA in Journalism, and was really interested in Nonprofit work, but started to realize my senior year that it's not what i want to do for the rest of my life. I do see myself more in a nursing career...with eventually moving on to an NP or MD eventually...probably NP though. Anyway, after my year of service with Americorps i'll have ny resident status, and i'd love to go to nursing school after that. right now i'm looking in to a program at NYU because they don't require pre-reqs. The program is a couple of semesters extra so that students w/o the pre-reqs can get those out of the way before starting the nursing. and considering that i studied journalism, i didn't take too many science courses! However, biology, the human body, health and medicine have always fascinated me, and i'd love to work in surgery some day. Back to topic...I'd like to start working asap, and thought about an ADN first, and eventually going on to a BSN/NP accelerated program. Or would you all suggest that I go straight to the BSN, especially since I don't have the Pre-reqs, and although my undergrad GPA was good, NYU is a tough school to get in to, and not all of the BSN schools offer an extra year to do your pre-reqs. what other suggestions do any of you have?? Also, I am both a US and German citizen, and am eventually moving back to europe. (UK, Ireland, Germany or Austria...I'm fluent in German) So, I've got to keep those plans in the back of my mind for planning purposes as well...I do know that an ADN is not accepted in europe...but I might wait to relocate until I've gotten my NP...anyway...suggestions?? Also, what other Associate programs would any of you suggest??? Sorry, this is forever long...oh yeah, i also plan to stay in the nyc area (I LOVE BROOKLYN) for a little while to work
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    Welcome to the site! Feel free to look around. There is frequent discussion about the various levels of entry to nursing. Good luck to you.
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    Welcome to Allnurses.

    It depends what's more important to you achieve the quickest, becoming an NP or working as an RN.

    Keep in mind many ADN programs have pre-reqs as well and you'd take them for a year, then a two year ADN program. Or you'll take a year of pre-reqs and two years of an BSN program. Both probably about the same.

    If you get your ADN, the RN to BSN completion takes about 18 months to 24 months, depending on the program and the co-reqs needed.

    I would suggest if you're able to go for the BSN first, then go for that, keeping the ADN option open since the BSN program is so competetive. So the answer might be "whatever you can get into first".

    Good luck.
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses. Good luck to you.
    I grew up in Brooklyn.