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  1. hi all,
    good to see you in a cyber sort of way. here in Texas (not native, just being held hostage by 4 daughters) and going on 20 plus years as LVN with major practice in pedi home health and hospice crisis care only.
    I'll be back to look around after some sleep.
    I am currently doing 30 hours a week with a little 2 year old doll who has charge syndrome and related vent., g-button and speech-vision/ development issues.My 30 hours are opposite my best friend on the case so I do 3p to 6a on Sundays and Tuesdays to let her get home earlier to her daughter and give me my hours without being on the road all week.
    It's crazy but I have always worked this way to be home as much as I can with my kids.
    see you all soon,
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