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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone and Happy Holidays!

    I am new to allnurses, this if my 1st post. I have gotten lots of great info so I decided to register and post a question myself.

    I'm a nurse in Virginia considering opening an Medicaid personal care agency (hopefully in 2008). I'm just in the research stages, planning to take a few classes on small business, tax info, payroll..... If anyone has any tips, opinions or experiences you'd like to share I'd love to hear from you. Looking forward to any/all responses. Thanks.
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  3. by   NaomieRN
    Hello and welcome to allnurses. Good luck with everything.....Go for your dreams!
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    Hi and Welcome. Sorry, I don't have any expertise in that area, but still wanted to welcome you.
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    You might visit our Nurse Entrepreneurs Forum for some advice on getting your agency up and running. Welcome aboard!
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    Hi, sherryshell!

    Start boning up on your state Medicaid law and become familiar with what services are covered in your state and local area. Mediaid presumes and will hold YOU responsible to know the rules and regs regarding coverage, not the client. Learn the websites that explain all the reports and billing rules and regs. Coverage and reimbursement amounts are changed constantly so you need to know where to find these changes. If you don't bill correctly or screen covered services correctly you will lose lots of income through providing services that won't get paid for by either the client or the government. It might be worth it to pay for the services of a consultant who specializes in this stuff just to get started off on the right foot and learn what you need to know.

    Welcome to allnurses!
  7. by   sherryshell
    Thanks Eric, I'll be sure to check out that forum.

    Daytonite, thanks to you also for your tips. I am currently printing the MC manuals for study now. I recently became involved with Consumer Directed services as a service facilitator and the manuals were a tremendous help there.
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    Yowl! Am I understanding you? Have you never worked with government reimbursement before? I'm back in school studying health information management now and this stuff is nothing to take lightly. Better buy yourself a case of aspirin while you're at it! The people who review claims for payment of services know what is and isn't covered and have no problems denying claims. You are expected to know what is covered BEFORE you provide a service, not afterward. Arguing with these payers to get reimbursement from them later on after you've provided a service to a client that they tell you aren't covered and they aren't paying for is like trying to get blood out of a turnip. It ain't gonna happen. This is going to make or break your bottom line and whether or not you make a profit! I'm serious about hiring a consultant to help you out with this reimbursement of services part.
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    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!