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  1. Hello to all! My name is Winona, I am 45 and new to I am in my first semester in nursing school, Springfield, MO. I am a member of the Student Nurses Association. I am happily married and the mother of eight, grandmother of three. Our family enjoys raising horses, dogs, cats and other critters. I am currently in the ASN program and will be transferring to BSN when I get licensed. I encourage anyone who thinks they're too old for school to just go back and do it anyway. If I can do it, anyone can!
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  3. by   PurrRN
    Hi Winona, I'm also in my first semester of nursing school. I'm just down the road from you at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. There's a satellite program of Lincoln University here that I attend on post. I'm doing my clinicals at the hospital in Rolla. I love and have gotten quite an education just my reading alot of the posts. Welcome, and good luck in your program.
  4. by   ozarks_prd_mom
    Thank you, Angela, for replying so quickly! I have a son in Fallujah with the Marines and a daughter interested in the military at this time. Good luck on your schooling and thank you for serving!

  5. by   Tweety
    Good luck! Welcome!
  6. by   mkmdbm7
    Hi Winona! Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing
  7. by   ozarks_prd_mom
    Why thank you, Kathy! Winona
  8. by   enoRN
    welcome ozarks prd mom, its interesting being a nurse you'll like it
  9. by   JentheRN05
    to allnurses. You will find many interesting stories and people here. I wish I would've found this site when I was in nursing school! It would've been a life saver. But I made it anyway. I found it when I was searching for likelihood of passing boards with 83 questions lol. Geez that seems like forever ago!