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  1. Hi everyone,
    As my post name indicates, I am a Native American Healer, a Spiritual Healer and a Shaman in training. I came to this site hoping to find info on holistic and or alternative therapies.

    Yours- NativeHealer
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    nativehealer, welcome, my friend. i am very glad you joined our, our big family. i will be most interested in reading your posts in our forums. i am not full blood, only 1/4....but, my heart is in or tries to be in the right place. you will find some of our native brothers and sisters on the board. there are some, but there are probably many more. my paternal family came to this country in 1710 from germany. my family then were very intimate with the mohawks, especially during the french and indian wars and during the revolutionary war. in fact, some were called the blue eyed indians during this time, living and fighting among them against the white encroachment in new york at that time. it is thought by some that some of these relatives intermarried with the mohawks, for there are mohawks in canada who bear my last name. after the revolutionary war, many of the mohawk were pushed into canada. myself, my native blood comes from my mother who is 1/2 mix cherokee and blackfoot lakhota. we were adopted by a shawnee turtle clan chief in 1998. i was named thunderwolf. my mother, spirit dancer. we are proud of our heritage. however, this was not the case for many of my older relatives, especially my grandparents, who were ashamed of it because of the prejudice towards indians during their life times. being called an indian was a very derogatory term in their community growing up when they were young. my grandfather, even upon his death, denied his heritage because of the shame. my uncle, who has been deceased for about 2 years, was able to finally embrace his identity and heritage in the last 2-3 years of his life...much because of my mother....for he dearly loved her. i have another uncle by marriage who as a young man mourned his heritage greatly, for he was part apachie in descent. i remember seeing this uncle weep as a young man for what the indian have lost and been through. it touched me deeply, for i witnessed this as a young child. i envy you in that not only do you claim and embrace your heritage, but live it also in your daily life....and bring comfort to others. you have my profound respect. i am but a student myself, still learning...much since 1998. i have not experienced much in the red way first hand (other than what was passed down in my family), but have tried to keep abreast when i can via reading and discussion. at times, it is very difficult having a native heart in a non-native world. but, connecting with my native brothers and sisters when i can has been a good thing for me as i grow older. i claim nothing more than what i am. i also claim that i have much to learn. my mother has embraced her heritage in much of her current life. she owns a native american store. often, many natives come to her for herbs, especially sage, for ceremony. my mother, created with her own hands, a ceremonial drum which was blessed via our chief. she felt called to make it after a tree fell on her property after being hit by lightening, calling it her thunder drum...because it is quite big and gives a most excellent sound. it symbolizes for us our reconnection to our native spirit and to the heartbeat of our mother, the earth. i wish you the best in your endeavors and in becoming a part of our family at allnurses.

    mitakuye oyasin,



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  4. by   dfurbee
    Hello Nativehealer, I am from AZ and just love the Native American people and their culture. My grandmother is a full blooded Cherokee, but unfortunately I took after my dad's german side; you know, the blonde hair and blue eyes. I am in a FNP program and plan to return to AZ and work with the American Indian population. Am currently living in the very cold NE. Deb
  5. by   nativehealer
    i humbly give thanks to the welcomes. it is nice to know that we are not a dying breed. also if there is a forum for alternative therapies please let me know.

    yours nativehealer

    in silence a whisper can be thunderous
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
  7. by   suebird3
    welcome to the site, nativehealer. you have started to make your presence known......


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