New student here! :)

  1. Hello all!

    I'm a complete newbie, and I thought this site looked like a great place to introduce myself, gather some info and just chat with others!

    My name is Lisa, and I'm a brand new nursing student. I just finished my first class this past spring (I'm talking 'brand new', as this class was Medical Terminology!) I'm next up in the fall with A & P and Nutrition on my schedule. Once I complete A & P, I can submit my name to the eligibility list for the nursing program at my school. The wait list is a bit long at two years, but hey, I waited this long to go back to school, so it's fine!

    I have a B.A. degree from Central Michigan University in something completely unrelated (Hospitality Management), so now I'm back in the student mode! I'm also looking into a program down at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI that has an accelerated program for those with a Bachelor's Degree (even in an unrelated field). We'll see.

    On a side note, I can't tell you how many nurses I work with who discourage me from going into nursing. Amazing, really. I work in a local hospital doing unit clerk work (registration, dishcharge, physician orders, chart analysis, birth certs (I work in L & D), and other duties). I know the burn-out rate can be high, but I guess my thought is, if you don't enjoy what you're doing, then perhaps it's time to think of something else to do.

    In any event, I'm excited to begin this new adventure, and I'm hoping for some insight from this forum!

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  3. by   MrsDeeDubs
    Hi Lisa, I just posted for the first time yesterday. I also graduated from Central Michigan University, with a BA in journalism! I'm attending Schoolcraft College right now for an ADN degree. Unfortunately the wait list is long and even though I'm done with the pre-reqs, I don't start the nursing program for another year. I went to an orientation at Wayne State this spring for the second degree accelerated program. It's still simmering in the back of my mind. I'm just not sure I'll really need a BSN at 50 years old (I'm 48). Plus I'd need two more chem classes, and boy, I detest chemistry. For me, the ADN degree is probably more practical, plus Schoolcraft is less than a mile from home. There is also an accelerated degree at U of M, if you're interested. Get this though, when I called to talk about it, I was told that the one-year program would cost about $35,000. I put a nix on that real quick. Wayne State would only be about $16,000 (and Schoolcraft will be $6,000!). SO you see why I'm leaning towards Schoolcraft.

    Hope to get to know you! By the way, where do you live?

  4. by   happynewLPN
    I'm located in Grand Blanc. I'm currently enrolled at Mott Community College for their Associate's Degree program. I'm with you, and I don't know if I need a BSN at this point, but if the program is something I can handle down there at Wayne State, I might be interested. We'll see. For now, I'm enrolled at Mott.

    Do you have any other info on the Wayne State program? What is the 16-month program all about? Do they provide a lot of clinical experience? I really want that, and of all the local schools, Mott gives the best. Also, at $70/credit hour, it's very affordable!

    Good to meet you, and I hope we chat more in the forums!

  5. by   MrsDeeDubs

    The second degree program at Wayne State is 16 months long. It's pretty intensive from what I can see. You need a BS or BA degree in some other curriculum outside of nursing, so your hospitality degree from CMU would work. They use a lot of your pre-reqs from your first degree, and you come in at Wayne as a senior. These are the classes required to apply:

    Basic Biology
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Inorganic General Chemistry
    Organic and Biochemistry II
    Nutrition Food Science
    Developmental Psychology
    Any Sociology course
    Cultural Anthropology OR Foreign Culture
    Philosophy & Letters OR Visual & Performing Arts (like a piano theory class)

    I happen to have the Wayne State packet sitting in front of me and there are dates for the next informational meetings on campus, if you're interested:

    August 5 - 10 a.m.
    September 2 - 2 p.m
    December 2 - 10 a.m.

    If you're interested in attending one of these, you can send a fax to for further information. Take your CMU transcript and Mott transcript with you if you go; they can do an evaluation for you and let you know which courses you still need. Hope this helps! Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

    P.S.) Isn't Grand Blanc quite a drive to Wayne State?!
  6. by   MrsDeeDubs
    Sorry Lisa, if you want to attend one of those meetings, send an e-mail (I said fax).
  7. by   happynewLPN
    Yes, the drive would be about an hour...I hate commuting, too, but if I thought this was a possibility, I would do it. The wait list at Mott is two years long.

  8. by   kbjjTina
    I'm another CMU grad going back! My degree is in broadcasting. Right I have A&P I and Nutrition in the fall too, at Henry Ford, and I'm debating between Wayne State or Oakland's 2nd degree program, or just getting my ADN. I'm putting my name on Washtenaw's wait list this summer just in case (I work in Ann Arbor, so WCC is close).
  9. by   MrsDeeDubs
    Hello Tina,

    Glad to meet another CMU gal! Of course I graduated in 1977, so it seems like a lifetime ago for me! Hey, it WAS a lifetime ago for me!

    I'm accepted into the nursing program at Schoolcraft, but like I may have mentioned, I can't start til fall 2005 because of the wait list. I'm also on the wait list at Henry Ford. There's a slim (and I mean slim) chance I might get into their program this coming fall, but it's all a wait-and-see game to see who drops off the list.

    I have an application in for the accelerated program at U of M, but have pretty much decided against that due to the cost (and groan, 3 more math classes). If I spent this entire next year killing myself with the pre-reqs for Wayne State, I could apply there next June for the fasttrack BSN. Haven't decided which way to go for sure, but I'm leaning towards waiting it out at Schoolcraft.

    By the way, I asked this question on another board this morning about community colleges. How do you feel about this waiting list business? It's all based on finishing the pre-reqs, keeping a 2.5 gpa, and passing the NET (score doesn't matter, just as long as you "pass"). I have a perfect 4.0 gpa and was in the upper 93% on the NET, but unfortunately, that buys me nothing. I worked hard for my grades and I wish it meant a little more in the application process. Of course if I go to Wayne or U of M, their programs ARE based on grade point. Just wondering what you guys thought. As far as Schoolcraft goes, I really wish they'd put their own students on the list first, like Washtenaw does. But that's me, thanks for listening to me gripe!

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    Hi Lisa! Welcome to All Nurses! Be sure to head on over to the student forum!