New *Soon 2B* MA Student!! :)

  1. [color=#00ff00]hi!!

    soo, after a ton of thinking i made a change and decided to hold off on pursuing an adn. instead i am going to get a certificate in medical assisting. (

    i plan on going back for nursing after my boyfriend and i have kids and get them into pre-k. staying home with them when they're young is extremely important to me. i know some people will say that putting off nursing is a bad idea but i feel like it is the best decision for me.

    aaaaanyways, i have a few questions that i would appreciate if someone could help answer

    - do you think that being a ma will help prepare me for nursing? my dream is to work with babies:heartbeat i would love to start out as an l&d rn and work my way up to being a neonatal nurse practitioner. can medical assistants work on l&d floors?

    - do medical assistants need their own stethoscope? i did some research on here and read a ton of good reviews on littman stethoscopes? which model would you recommend?

    - are there any websites for customized scrubs? i'm 5'9 and on the curvier side and have read soooo many reviews on scrubs not fitting large chests/not accentuating waists/etc...?

    thanks!!! -jamie
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Take some time to do some reading in the various student and general forums. Medical assistants, when they can get work, generally do not work in hospitals. They usually work in clinics and medical offices. You would do better to prepare yourself for nursing by taking a certified nursing assistant course and working as a CNA. Some nursing programs require, or give points in the admissions process, for CNA.