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  1. I just signed up today and thought I'd say "hello." I am an RN with 9 (almost 10) years of experience, mostly in telemetry/critical care and cath lab, which is where I'm working now. I'm also currently going to school for my Master's. I've been on the "Nurse Educator" track but I'm seriously considering going ahead and getting my Nurse Practitioner degree. I just happened to stumble on this site today and thought "What the heck!"

    So, Hello All!
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  3. by   vamedic4
    Hi glea1022 and welcome to!!! This site is awesome- check out the forums, I'm sure with your experience you have tons of helpful information and experiences to add!!

    Smiling in the Texas sun
  4. by   Tweety
    Glad you joined up! Thanks for taking the time to say hello!
  5. by   firstaiddave907
    hey welcome to allnurses this is a great site